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Yilun Song

Media composer, songwriter and producer


Scores for Media

Competition & Awards

Yilun is an award winning media composer born in Beijing and currently living in New York City. Yilun began learning piano as a child and dreamed of becoming a writer. After discovering composition in middle school, he was immediately obsessed with telling his story through music, and decided to pursue this path, got his bachelor degree in music technology at NYU and is currently studying in the NYU screen scoring masters program.


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Along his musical journey, Yilun learned several instruments including guitar, bass, and guqin, and is still learning. He likes to record them and explore textures and melodies that elevate emotions and highlight the narrative on the screen. He has been mainly scoring for short films and games, including A Doctor's Order (2023) which was selected for the 2023 New York Short Film Festival and other festivals.


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